Set up segmented lists for success.

Whether you’re just starting out or have an established list of contacts, you can manage and grow your email lists in no time with these powerful tools.

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  • Custom Fields Set the foundation for personalization by storing custom data like location, interests, or gender to make your campaigns more relevant.
  • Segmentation Use our segmentation tools to send targeted content to exactly the right audience. Create segments based on custom data your contacts share with you.
  • Preference center Let your contacts take control of the data they share with you through our preference center, where subscribers can update their own details.

Contact detail view

Get a granular view of your contacts.

Get a single view of every interaction you’ve had with each of your contacts. See where they’re located, which email client they use, and how they interact with your email marketing campaigns.

Bring your email list data together.

Seamlessly connect your ecommerce platform, CRM, or website with hundreds of Campaign Monitor integrations. More data, more personalization, more revenue.