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Create beautiful, branded campaigns, then send without a single line of code. Spend less time building emails and more time getting results.

Made for teams and teamwork
  • Customizable template library available
  • Layouts stay locked, always on brand
  • Allows team members to get up and running quickly
A whole new revenue stream
  • Monetize emails with partner advertising
  • Attract the audience that advertisers want
  • Place ad units / live images in your email
Contacts and segmentation

Get up close and even more personal

If it’s not relevant, it won’t resonate. We offer powerful segmentation, personalization, and rich customer data to help you send emails that connect with loyal followers.

Is subscribe date before 'Jan 1' AND interest is 'sport'

Marketing Automation

Automation that drives engagement, automatically

Easily create advanced customer journeys to nurture 1:1 subscriber relationships. Get bigger audiences and bigger revenue.

Email Sign Up Forms - Dave
Wufoo Dave Davis Gender: MALE Location: Oakland, USA

Email Sign Up Forms - Rob
Optinmonster Rob Matovi Gender: MALE Location: Moscow, Russia

Email Sign Up Forms - Jessica
Wordpress Jessica Flores Gender: FEMALE Location: Sydney, Australia

Email Sign Up Forms - Jim
Subscribe page Jim Hent Gender: MALE Location: San Francisco, USA

Email Sign Up Forms - Kate
Facebook Kate Smith Gender: FEMALE Location: Oakland, USA

Email Sign Up Forms - Will
Subscribe button Will Perry Gender: MALE Location: New York, USA

Email Sign Up Forms - Amy
Optinmonster Amy Lewis Gender: FEMALE Location: Moscow, Russia

Email Sign Up Forms - Justin
Wordpress Justin Jones Gender: MALE Location: Sydney, Australia

Email Sign Up Forms - Allison
Subscribe page Allison Delo Gender: FEMALE Location: San Francisco, USA

Email Sign Up Forms - Andre
Wufoo Andre Schwin Gender: MALE Location: Paris, France

Signup forms and more

Increase your list, increase your revenue

Native signup forms, surveys, and one-click integrations with hundreds of apps like WordPress, Unbounce, Adroll, Google Analytics, and more.

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Testing and analytics

Email knowledge you can use to improve

Use our A/B testing tools and advanced analytics to track and optimize every campaign you send. Follow along as emails are opened in real time, and get intel on what’s working best.

CAMPAIGN: WHAT HAPPENED THIS WEEK Jan 25, 2017 82% opens 290,123 9% clicks 32,123 2.2% shares 1,003

Own your engagement in the digital media world

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Customer success

We've got your back

Get direct access to customer support and onboarding help. Plus, access teams that will identify areas of growth, optimize your engagement strategy, and maintain your lists.

Case study

Take a bite out of Daily Donut, and discover how email turned a blog into an empire

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