February 2024

Loyalty program capabilities now available in automations

Loyalty programs are at the heart of true relationship marketing as they’re designed to reward your most engaged subscribers – ensuring they become brand super fans and continue to come back to your products or services at key moments. They also offer a competitive advantage, solving the age-old challenge of trying to do more with less.

By leveraging our new automation features, you can now build and manage tiered and punch card loyalty programs within Campaign Monitor (no third party integrations required!).

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Google/Yahoo new sender requirements compliance updates

We’ve recently made the following product updates to ensure you’re compliant with Google and Yahoo’s new sender requirements:

  • One-click unsubscribe has now been added into email headers. No need to change the confirmed unsubscribe setting for links in your emails.
  • If your account requires updates to adhere to the new authentication requirements, in-app notifications will now guide you through to the steps you need to take within Campaign Monitor.
  • For Multi-team and Agency accounts, we’ve made it easier to update your clients’ sending domains by developing a feature that automatically audits and displays specific accounts that require attention to meet the new requirements.
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November 2023

Prebuilt Journeys

Automated journeys are an email marketers best friend – not only do they deliver increased ROI and engagement, but they also save you a ton of time. So, to make it easier for you to harness the power of automation, we’ve released a new range of Prebuilt Journeys. In a few clicks you can now automatically trigger:

  • Welcome journey
  • Abandoned cart reminder
  • Order receipt confirmation
  • Anniversary offer
  • Thank you email
  • Win-Back offer

We’ve done the prep for you, all you need to do is review and customize – then turn them on!

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Non-human click filter*

Noticed an increase in your click metrics recently? Your campaigns may be affected by third party software. If you’re interested in banishing bot clicks, then our new non-human click filter* is the solution for you. This industry-leading feature detects and removes third party software clicks, ensuring you’re accurately measuring and reporting genuine user engagement.

*Available as a monthly add-on for Essentials/Unlimited and Premier plans only.

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October 2023

Subscriber re-entry capabilities for segment-triggered journeys

You can now choose for subscribers to re-enter your segment-triggered journeys. This will enable you to send (or re-send) targeted emails based on their personalized experiences or characteristics – such as an exclusive, VIP offer for your loyal and most engaged subscribers.

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AI Writer*

Say goodbye to writer’s block with our new AI Writer* – a powerful, easy-to-use Generative AI feature, designed to help make content creation more efficient for you and your teams. Conveniently located in the email builder, the AI Writer* will save you time, increase ROI and help you deliver the right message to your audience, by automatically:

  • Crafting compelling email content based on your prompts
  • Proofing grammar and spelling

Plus, you can easily change and update the tone of voice or format to suit your brand.

All you need to do is review, refine and press send.

*AI Writer only available on a monthly plan.

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September 2023

Engagement segments*

Using segmentation to send personalized messages is key to driving higher engagement with your audience. Our engagement segments feature automatically categorizes your subscribers’ into six pre-built segments based on their level of interaction with your emails:


  • Active — Last opened or clicked in past 30 days
  • Engaged — Last opened or clicked between 30 and 90 days ago
  • Unengaged —Last opened or clicked between 90 and 180 days ago
  • Dormant — Last opened or clicked between 180 days and 12 months ago
  • Zombies — Last opened or clicked more than 12 months ago
  • Ghosts — Subscriber has never opened or clicked any email, 12 months or more since the first email was sent

Making it easier to monitor engagement, and send timely, personalized content, such as a re-engagement campaign for inactives or reward your active subscribers with exclusive content and offers.

*Included in Premier plan, available as a monthly add-on for Essentials/Unlimited plans.

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August 2023

More product updates and enhancements (thanks to customer feedback!)

At Campaign Monitor by Marigold, we love being your marketing partner in delivering solutions that better suit your needs. Our team has recently prioritized new product updates and enhancements based on valuable customer feedback. Check out the latest releases:

  • Bulk upload suppression lists: We know how important it is for marketers to effectively manage their lists – especially when it comes to opt-outs. That’s why we’ve streamlined the process for importing suppressed contacts. In just a few clicks, you can upload and suppress up to 50,000 email addresses. Click here to learn more.
  • Auto-format lists and bullet points: The email builder now automatically formats lists and bullet points, when you use keyboard shortcuts such as “1”, “-” or “*” to create your message.
  • Refreshed compare campaigns experience: Comparing the performance of your previous campaigns is essential when measuring and maximizing email marketing success. We’ve improved the compare campaigns experience with an easy-to-scan bar graph, so you can assess, take action and adjust your strategy if needed.
  • Auto-populate email addresses from email clients: When sending test emails, setting up your reply-to email and removing subscribers, Campaign Monitor will now automatically populate a valid recipient email address when you copy and paste the address from an email client e.g. Full Name <[email protected]>.
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Product updates and enhancements (thanks to customer feedback!)

At Campaign Monitor by Marigold, we love being your marketing partner in delivering solutions that better suit your needs. That’s why our team recently prioritized new product updates based on our customers’ valuable feedback. From exciting email builder enhancements to features that improve the user experience and save time:

  • Emoji picker available in the email builder: Spice up your campaigns and elevate engagement by adding emojis directly into your email message (don’t forget, you can also add emoji’s in your subject line).
  • Review and reuse top performing subject lines: Creating a winning subject line that stands out in your subscribers inbox has never been easier. You can now review and compare the performance metrics of your last 10 subject lines to see which one resonated with your audience the most. If there’s a clear winner that you want to use again, simply select ‘reuse’ and it will automatically populate your previous winning subject line.
  • Automated journeys – email builder refresh: We’ve updated the automated journey email and template builder to include our intuitive drag and drop functionality, to match the campaign builder experience that you already know and love. Making it a more seamless and efficient email design process when building your automated journeys.
  • Automated journeys – Step name now optional: To reduce mandatory requirements (and time) when building your automated journey, adding a ‘step name’ for each email is now optional.
  • Filtered custom fields: We’ve made it easier for you to leverage relevant custom fields. First, attach the list for your campaign, then when you select ‘insert’ followed by ‘custom field’ in the email builder, you’ll notice that only custom fields available on that specific list will be filtered and available for you to select.
  • Accessible custom segments: If you’ve set up pre-built segments, they’re now located at the bottom of the ‘segments’ page in your list. This ensures your custom segments are more accessible and saves you time (no more scrolling!).
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July 2023

Confirmed unsubscribe experience now available in multiple languages

Consistency is key to your audience feeling connected to your brand and business. So, if you’re sending content in languages other than English, the confirmed unsubscribe experience will now automatically translate to the same language featured in your email, ensuring consistency across all your subscriber touch points. To leverage this feature, simply follow these steps:

  1. Activate the confirmed unsubscribe feature (if you haven’t already)
  2. When creating your next campaign in the email builder, navigate to ‘Settings’ (click the cog icon in the build menu located on left hand side)
  3. Then select the preferred language for your subscriber

That’s it – now the confirmed unsubscribe experience will automatically translate to your chosen language.

Please note: If you import HTML or use our custom template language, please follow the steps outlined in this help guide to leverage the multi-language capability.

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Campaign satisfaction survey

To help us understand how your campaign performed, we’ve released a campaign satisfaction survey on the Campaigns snapshot page. By sharing your feedback, you’ll help influence our upcoming Goal Attribution feature, which will make it easier for you to track, measure and optimize your campaigns.

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Triggering welcome journeys from an import

To welcome new subscribers to your business and create a good first impression, timing is everything. Now, you can easily, and automatically trigger your ‘on subscription’ journeys when you import or add new subscribers to your list (no API needed!).

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June 2023

New Shopify Integration

As part of our commitment to help our ecommerce customers grow their business and expand our ecommerce offering, we’ve developed a new Shopify integration with enhanced capabilities:

  • Abandoned Cart: We know how important it is for ecommerce businesses to maximize revenue, which is why you can now create an abandoned cart automation to recover lost revenue. Plus, our new abandon cart analytics makes it easy to track and attribute these sales to your activity, giving you visibility and allowing you to optimize where needed.
  • Order Receipt: Create an order receipt automation, providing transparency and hassle-free post purchase confirmation for your customers, enhancing the overall experience with your brand.
  • List sync capabilities based on subscriber permissions: The new Shopify integration gives you more control and flexibility over your lists, as you now can choose to sync all of your contacts or to only sync subscribers who have opted-in to receive your emails. (Please note: if you choose to sync opted-in subscribers, you will not be able to use automations such as Abandoned Cart or Order Receipt journeys)

We’re continuing to build on these capabilities and will have more new ecommerce features in the coming months.

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SMS Updates

We’re always adding new features to our SMS solution to make it easier to create, track and manage your SMS campaigns:

  • Allow for cross functional growth by utilizing your existing data and segmentation strategy for email for your SMS campaigns with SMS Recipient Exclusions. Making sure that you target who you need to target!
  • Allow your customers to add their mobile details in your preference center so that you can easily capture SMS opt-ins from your existing subscribers.
  • Grow your list by capturing SMS opt-ins via Campaign Monitor’s sign up forms. We’ll automatically include a consent checkbox to ensure that you only capture mobile numbers from customers who want to receive SMS marketing, to help you avoid any compliance issues.
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March 2023

Copy a segment

Save time with our copy a segment feature. In one simple click, you can copy an existing segment and from there, make changes to your audience as needed. This not only saves you time but, more importantly, reduces errors in those times when you have similar, but slightly different audiences.

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Social media expansion in the email builder



Enhance your social media and content strategy with these additions to the email builder:

  • Add links to your Whatsapp and TikTok in your emails to further integrate your marketing across social channels
  • Utilize short form video content by adding in Youtube Short links into your emails
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Star a client

If you have an agency account, and manage multiple clients in Campaign Monitor it can be time consuming to search or scroll the overview page to find the client you’re looking for.

With star a client, you can now star your most important clients, pinning them to the top of the overview page for faster access.

  • Star up to 10
  • Your stars are for you alone
  • Spend less time searching, and more time sending
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December 2022

Email builder improvements

Reduce your email design time with these exciting new upgrades in the email builder:

  • Add new sections to your design from anywhere in your email (rather than having to add them at the bottom of your email and move them around)
  • A new navigation bar at the top of the builder, so you can review your links and send a test in fewer clicks
  • New font sizes above 64px, to draw attention to important headlines
  • Easier drag and drop functionality for your content blocks, to help new users upskill in no time
  • Adjust the line height in text fields, for greater flexibility and to make your content more accessible
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Holiday templates

Sleigh the inbox this holiday season with new templates, designed by our team of email experts. 

From Year in Review to Christmas offers, there’s a template for every festive occasion.

Check them out in the Latest category of your template library.

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November 2022

In-platform support

Introducing Cam, your digital agent for Campaign Monitor. 

Cam is our friendly new chatbot, who will help you find quick answers to your questions, reduce the time it takes to troubleshoot and connect you with our support team when you need it. 

Your experience with Cam will be customized based on your account information, giving you a faster, more personalized support experience.

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September 2022

Recent images

Campaign Monitor now stores your recently used images for you to view and re-use when needed. Uploaded images will be stored directly in the email builder so that it is even easier to drag and drop impactful images into your campaigns.

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User management

We’ve refreshed the People section of client settings to make it easier to add, manage and remove users in your account. Improvements include:

  • View last login date
  • View what other clients your users have access to
  • Apply any permission changes to all the clients that a user has access to, rather than having to apply changes at the individual client level

Save time on account admin so you can move on to other tasks on your to-do list.

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August 2022

Assistant improvements

The Assistant gives you useful tips and reminders to help you follow best practice and feel confident pressing send on your campaign.

We’ve added three new reminders to increase campaign engagement and deliverability:

  • Preview text is missing
  • Subject line could be improved
  • Sending domain needs authentication

Now it’s easier to get your campaign in the right hands while increasing engagement and enticing your audience.

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Welcome journey recipe

A welcome journey is the perfect way to onboard new customers and engage subscribers – your subscribers not only expect them, but find them highly engaging. But we know setting them up can be overwhelming when you’re strapped for time.

We’ve introduced a welcome journey recipe which will guide you through the journey process to help you quickly send welcome emails to your subscribers and maximise subscriber engagement without the manual effort.

We’ve done all the prep for you – all you need to do is navigate to the Automation tab, select Create a new automation, choose Welcome journey and turn it on!

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Client settings

We’ve introduced a new layout for your client settings, so you can spend less time doing admin and more time building a successful marketing program.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Client details: See a snapshot of your client’s plan and billing info
  • People: View and edit user permissions
  • Email setup: Access your email templates and configure your preference center, sending domains and more
  • Analytics: Set up campaign tracking
  • API & integrations: Set up your API key
  • Templates: Quick access to view and edit campaign templates
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June 2022

Emoji picker

Easily spice up your campaigns with emojis to improve visibility and increase brand awareness. Formatting issues, like emojis changing or not sending after they are added to your messaging, will be solved with the emoji picker. 

Drop an emoji into your subject line or preview text in just a few clicks. Our SMS users can even pop them straight into the body of their message.

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Contact your admin

If you have an agency account, your clients will now see a Contact admin option in the help menu in their account.

This will show your clients the email address of the primary administrator in your account, to make it easier for them to get in touch with you when they need help.

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Keyboard shortcuts

Save time editing your email copy with keyboard shortcuts. We now support all keyboard shortcuts in the email builder so that you can underline, bold, align, insert links and more, directly from your keyboard.

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May 2022

Subject line recommendations

One of the most valuable parts of your email campaign is your subject line. A great subject line will entice your audience to open your email, giving you a better chance of increasing engagement and ROI from your campaign.

When creating your subject line, a blue light bulb icon will appear with our new subject line recommendations, which will help you craft the perfect subject to maximize open rates:

  • Limit subject line length to 60 characters: Long subject lines may get cut off when viewed on some mobile devices and email clients. We recommend using a maximum of 9 words and 60 characters.
  • Avoid all caps: Your email performance may be negatively impacted if your subject line reads as though you’re yelling. Using caps can be effective if you capitalize just a single word to highlight its importance.
  • Use emojis carefully: Emojis are fun and can add personality. However, according to our research, you should use no more than 1 emoji at a time to avoid looking like spam. Use an emoji to supplement words rather than replace them.
  • Limit punctuation: Our research shows that it’s best to use a maximum of 3 punctuation marks (in this case exclamation or question marks) per subject line. Too many can make your email look like spam.

With these recommendations, you can feel confident that your subject line is the right length, contains the right punctuation, and has just the right amount of emojis 🤩

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April 2022


*Available to contracted customers sending SMS to the USA, UK, Australia and Canada.

SMS is a powerful, yet simple marketing tool that helps you drive stronger connections with your audience and drive higher conversions for your business. It’s the perfect addition to email – increase the speed of return on your marketing investment by encouraging immediate action from your subscribers. 

Campaign Monitor SMS is built for busy marketers, so you can become an SMS pro in no time. Our team of experts give you the guidance you need to get started quickly, apply SMS best practices from day 1, and create a multichannel marketing program that generates returns, fast.

Creating an SMS campaign takes just a few minutes. Create, edit and send from a single page, then watch your conversions soar.

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March 2022

Admin homepage

We’ve made some exciting improvements to the account homepage for administrators using agency accounts, to help you more effectively manage your clients and teams.

  • Quick actions to help you set up and manage your account (create a client, create a campaign, view campaigns, lists and subscribers, edit settings and more)
  • Last send date for each client to help you monitor recent activity 
  • A modern, intuitive layout for consistency with the rest of your account

We know that you need your email marketing activity to run smoothly to demonstrate ROI for your clients and keep them happy with your services, so these changes will give you confidence that campaigns are sending as planned and help you quickly jump between client accounts to view and make changes to emails.

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Email client usage report

The email client usage report gives you a breakdown of the different clients and devices that recipients are using to view your emails. 

We’ve added a new category, Apple Mail (Privacy Protected), which identifies the subscribers that are most likely to have been impacted by MPP (i.e. people using iOS15, iPadOS 15 and Mac OS Monterey). This new category is available for emails sent after February 2022.

This will help you understand the extent to which MPP may have impacted your open rates for a particular campaign or journey email, and understand whether your open rates have likely been artificially inflated as a result of MPP.

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February 2022

Two-click confirmed unsubscribe

Two-click confirmed unsubscribe requires subscribers to double confirm that they wish to unsubscribe. This eliminates the risk of accidental unsubscribes, caused by:

  • A subscriber accidentally clicking on an unsubscribe link in an email
  • Anti-spam software unsubscribing on behalf of a subscriber (anti-spam software often clicks on each link in an email to test it)

If you use an agency account, two-click confirmed unsubscribe is now the default setting for all new clients that you set up in your account. 

We recommend activating this for your existing clients too.

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Campaign experience improvements

Editing your campaigns just got even quicker!

We’ve listened to your feedback and have introduced some improvements to the campaign experience to help you manage your email designs, and preview and test your campaigns:

  • All your preview and test features are only one-click away at the top of the page
  • Your template name will appear below your email design preview, so you can ensure you’re using the correct template every time
  • New quick design options will appear over your email design preview to help you swap out your template, edit your design, and manage the plain text version of your email

With these new quick actions, you can create your campaigns in less time and move onto other items on your to-do list.

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New journey metrics

We’ve introduced new metrics in the journey builder to help you track the performance of your automations over time:

  • Subscribers waiting: Shows how many subscribers are waiting at ‘delay’ steps in your journey, to help you track your subscribers as they progress through a journey. The total number of subscribers waiting across all delay steps will be shown in the left panel of the journey builder, and a breakdown of subscribers waiting at each individual step will be shown in the journey builder
  • Unique subscribers: Outlines the number of subscribers who have been sent at least 1 email in a journey, to help you monitor the volume of subscribers in a journey
  • ‘Created’ date: The date your journey was first drafted
  • ‘Last email sent’ date: The last time an email was triggered from your journey

These metrics will give you confidence that your emails are sending to the right audience, at the right time.

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January 2022

New text styling options

We’ve introduced new text styling options in the email builder, to give you more flexibility over your designs. The new options are:

  • Justify 
  • Underline
  • Clear formatting
  • Strikethrough
  • Superscript
  • Subscript

Drag and drop a text block into your email design to try it out!

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December 2021

Journey reporting refresh

We’ve introduced a modern and intuitive layout for your journey email reports, to help you more effectively track the performance of individual emails in a journey.

We’ve also introduced a new date filter option so that you can monitor results over time.

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October 2021

Campaign reporting refresh

With our new and improved campaign reports, it’s now simpler to view campaign results, understand key email metrics and translate them into actionable insights for future campaigns.

You may notice some changes to your email metrics as a result of Apple Mail Privacy Protection, so we’ve increased the visibility of metrics that aren’t impacted, such as click rate and delivery rate.

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September 2021

Apple Mail Privacy Protection

Apple recently launched Mail Privacy Protection, which impacts how open rates are measured for Apple device users. This means open rates and click-to-open rates (CTOR) may become less reliable.

Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

We’ve made some improvements in Campaign Monitor to help you navigate these changes.

To give you the most reliable measure of email engagement, we have replaced CTOR with click rate. This means that whenever a clicked metric is displayed, it will be the click rate, not CTOR.

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Help menu

Our new help menu gives you the assistance you need, when you need it, without interrupting the task you’re working on. Plus you can share your feedback in seconds. We’ll funnel it straight to real humans in our product team to help shape the future of Campaign Monitor.

Click the icon in the bottom right of the page to access the following options:

  • Get support: use our digital assistant to quickly find answers to your questions
  • Give feedback: tell us how we can make your Campaign Monitor experience even better
  • Help center: browse help articles or contact the support team
  • Tutorial videos: watch our instructional videos which teach you how to complete tasks in Campaign Monitor
  • What’s new: jump straight to this page to see the latest product improvements, features and announcements

If you private label Campaign Monitor, your clients will see a reduced version of the menu that directs to the unbranded help center.

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August 2021

New campaign experience

The new campaign experience is a smarter, more streamlined way to create and send campaigns. It’s now available for existing customers to opt in – just click on the Check out the new campaign experience button when you create a campaign.

Create your campaigns from a single checklist page

  • Edit all your campaign information from the one page, in the order that’s most convenient for you. That means less time wasted clicking back and forth between pages, and less page load time
  • Quick design options to make it simpler to reuse a previous design, find the perfect template, or upload your own HTML
  • A single place for all your preview and test options to give you peace of mind when you hit send

Smart recommendations to take your email program to the next level

  • We’ll help you maximize engagement by:
  • Recommending the perfect A/B test to run based on your campaign objectives
  • Helping you optimise your subject lines by providing a summary of your previous subject lines and open rates 
  • Suggesting lists to use based on previous campaign activity
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July 2021

Custom fields refresh

We’ve upgraded the custom fields page to make it simpler to add and edit custom fields. Plus it’s now easy to access all your list information and settings from the left menu.

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June 2021

New automation page

Check out the improved automation page! We’ve kept all the features you know and love, but have made it simpler to view and edit your automated journeys and RSS workflows.

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May 2021

New Overview Page

We’ve improved the overview page to make it easier to view, create and manage campaigns, lists and automations. The new page gives you a bird’s-eye view of all your email activity, which is especially helpful when you have multiple team members working on different campaigns.

The new improvements include:

  • A modern layout: there’s now less scrolling required to see all your important info. Plus new thumbnails so you can easily identify and differentiate your campaigns
  • Shortcuts: hover over a sent or draft campaign to quickly preview or copy. Hover over a scheduled campaign to cancel send. Now you don’t need to spend time flicking between pages to make these edits
  • New ‘create’ button: create a new campaign, list or automation straight from this page to save you time
  • Recent lists: we’ve added a summary of recent lists on this page to make it easy to jump straight into editing your subscribers 

Here’s what one of our customers had to say about the new page:

The changes are fabulous and it’s so much easier to access recently uploaded lists. The thumbnails make it visually easier to identify and find campaigns.

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Bulk delete lists

Select multiple lists at once and delete them in bulk, rather than having to remove them one-by-one. Just hover over a list and tick the checkbox for the lists you want to delete.

This is a big timer saver that will help minimise list quantity. We recommend maintaining a small number of lists with useful segments rather than a large number of lists, as this is the best way to track subscriber engagement over time and compare results between different subscriber groups.

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April 2021

Footer flexibility

You can now customize the footers in your email designs to be more functional and align with your brand. This is one of our top requested features, so we’re excited for you to try it out!


We’ve introduced a broad range of flexible elements for your footers, so that you can:

  • Edit layout (right, center or left aligned)
  • Add a logo (in text or image format)
  • Hyperlink text
  • Add additional lines of text
  • Customize the font, size and color of text 
  • Customize footer background color
  • Add a border and customize the border color
  • Customize the color of social share buttons
  • Add top and bottom spacing
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March 2021

Free Image Gallery


We know finding high-quality, low-cost stock imagery is difficult and time-consuming.

So we’ve given you quick access to free images in the email builder, to help you send engaging emails that drive clicks and bring your brand to life.

No need to spend time trawling through stock image sites or uploading images manually – just search by topic for an image that suits your design, and drop it straight into your email. There’s countless beautiful images to choose from!

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February 2021

Lists and Subscribers

We’re making it easier to navigate, filter, upload, and search for your lists, subscribers, and suppression contacts.


Here are some of the key changes:

  • Fresh, modern layout for the lists and subscribers overview page: Navigate between lists, subscribers, and suppressions from the one page
  • Faster, streamlined flow for creating a new list: We’ve shortened and simplified the process for creating a new list and importing subscribers
  • Improved list details page: A single page that has all the important information about your lists, including subscribe and unsubscribe settings and a drop-down menu for helpful list features such as adding an unsubscribe survey
  • Subscriber details page: An updated page that makes it easier to view or edit specific subscriber information. You can search through an individual subscriber’s recent activity to see which emails they’ve received and opened, and which links they’ve clicked.
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Social Links

Make your email and social marketing work better together. Drag and drop links to your social media channels anywhere in your email design, as many times as you want.

Simply select the social links you want, and then customize the size, shape, alignment, layout and color to suit your design. You can pick any color you’d like, so that it aligns with your brand.

If you have social links in your footers already, you can click on them to access these new customization options, or drag them anywhere in your campaign!

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Coming Soon

Upcoming product improvements and feature releases to look forward to!


A new way to connect. A new way to convert. Coming soon for all customers!

Scheduled Release: 2024


Put your marketing program on autopilot with automation. Whether you're building your first journey or triggering sophisticated ecommerce automations, we've got lots of exciting improvements on the way.

Scheduled Release: 2024

LiveContent Integration

Our soon to be released LiveContent integration will offer you the ability to customize elements in your emails based off real-time events like the weather, or subscriber data.

Scheduled Release: Nov 2023

This contains forward-looking statements that are subject to change at Marigold's sole discretion. These forward-looking statements are not guarantees, promises, commitments to deliver, or agreements regarding future product features, functionality, or otherwise.


The latest news from the Campaign Monitor product team.

Apple Mail Privacy Protection

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Campaign experience

A smarter, more streamlined way to create and send campaigns

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Campaign Monitor SMS is here

Available for contracted customers sending to US, UK, Canada or Australia.

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