What do you do when you have a great message, an audience hungry for your content, a unique perspective…and a scalability challenge?


For sports publisher The GIST, the solution was simple yet elegant. The women-led media brand aims to make the world of sports more accessible and inclusive to all and challenge the status quo of a male-dominated sports and media industry. Campaign Monitor’s flexible platform and dynamic content capabilities were the perfect solutions to help The GIST sustain its growth and continue its mission.

With Campaign Monitor, The GIST has been able to achieve their goals and more.

75% less time spent on building segmented emails
233% increase in email list
x2 the average industry open rate
The dynamic content [feature] is super helpful because there’s some content that’s important to everyone, some stories that are important regionally, and there are some city-specific pieces. It’s important not just for our subscribers but our advertisers that we can swap out content to be more relevant to different audiences. Roslyn McLarty, Co-Founder of The GIST

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