3 Simple and Practical Ways to Make Money Online with 10 Minute Email.

3 Simple and Practical Ways to Make Money Online with 10 Minute Email


Nowadays, everything is online. From search to shopping, learning to chatting, and much more sow is 10 minute email helpful?

With the help of Temp Mail Me you can start your own Online Business or Blog.How?

What do you need for Starting a Online Business.

  1. Domain Name (Name of Website and Business)
  2. Hosting
  3. Delivery Service (if Model is like Amazon)

So 10 Minute Email service which is TempMail will help you with Free Hosting service which is most costly at early stage.

Below are some list for Free Hosting Websites.

  1. Hostinger.com
  2. 000WebHost.com
  3. InfinityFree.net

There are many but these free are my tested with temp mail com.

So, with 10 Minute Mail Service you can create many temporary accounts and use these hosting sites for your different Websites and blogs, Etc.

Why Temp Email id because these sites only allow 1 account for 1 email registered for another you need to pay between 1$ to 15$ per month.

So this is how you can save your money with the help of Temporary Email Address.

You can use same Temporary Email Id Generated for WordPress account Sign Up.

 This is how 10 Minute Email is helpful to you to earn money online

Step 2.

Download Free Ebooks and Audio books with Tempmail Service and Create a website where people can download it for free with login.


Problems with downloading e-books and Audio books

To install your favorite Ebook or audio book on your device, you need to sign up with personal email address and then also there is limit like you can download certain numbers books only.

Yes, they confirm your email address with verification code. But don’t worry you an easily bypass that process with TempMailMe service.

 And you can provide People books for free download on your Website or Blog or App. This is how 10 Minute Mail is helpful to you again to make money online.

Step 3.

Start a Blog, Now you will ask then what the use of 10 Minute Mail is.

Then see,

When you write Blog, you need to do Keywords research, SEO, Check Plagiarism, Etc.

So every software out there for Seo and Keywords Research have limit on research and checking Plagiarism, etc

So once you give them your private email address then you can use it only once but if you if use Temporary Email Address by TempMailMe which provides you Email Random Email Generator to generate many Fake Email Id and also to create your custom Fake Mail Id too to use it.

Email Random  Fakemailaddress, Which again saves you lots of money.

Above all, Some similar Names for Fakemailaddressor 10 Minute Mail.

5 minute mail or 5 minute email.

Yes we also call it as 1 hour email.

email address generator or email address creator

In addition, This is also known as email disposable.

email random or random email generator.

Similarly, This is one of the other name for email temporal.

throwaway email or tempail.

In Conclusion, a name for 10 minute email or Tempmail service.

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