Use Temp Mail Me Address a Free Email Generator to Keep Your Personal Email Spam Free

What is Temp Mail Me

Disposable email or Temporary Disposable email or temp mail service that allows Users to receive an email with a temporary mail address that gets auto destructed after an expiry selected. Also known by other names like: temp-mail, temp mail id, throwaway email, fake mail, trash mail, tamp mail, tempail, burn email, free disposable email address, disposable email id, or throw away email. Many forums, Wi-Fi homeowners, websites, software, app and blogs ask visitors to register before they can even view content, post comments, download, or use their service. TempMailMe – is the most updated and advance throwaway email address that helps you keep your original mail spam free, avoid marketing email.

Introduction to temp mail services. is a temp mail or temporary email service, which provides user a temporary disposable mail address that users can copy and use when registering to unknown websites And even you can use the our temp mail address in order to download PDF or video or to verify OTP along with using it for app registration as well as to create many social media accounts.

Use Temp mail me with no registration required

Websites, apps and online services ask for a valid email address to download, register, view, receive content, or use their service, etc. However, that most of these websites and apps may end up using your private email address to send spam, marketing mails or ads. The Best way to deal with this issue use a temp email address, when we are at unknown websites. Which helps you keeps your private email free from spam and unwanted promotional mails and protect privacy. This disposable mailbox works like any other email service like gmail, Hotmail, etc. with you can choose your temporary mail id.   Time Limit between many time frames that is 10 Min, 60 Min, 1 Day, 3 Days, 1 Week and 2 Weeks Expiry time Note you can then delete temporary mail address generated to create new or you can create your own custom temp mail id. By using temp mail you will be safe from unwanted junk, marketing or spam mails.

Why do I need a fake mail address or temporary mail?

When we come to know that an anonymous email temporary service exists, we don’t know how useful it is. So, Why is a temporary email address generator required? when we already our private email from OutlookGmail, and Yahoo Mail? If both our anonymous emails and private emails are free, then, So why we need Temp Email right. Registering with our personal email, can our private information. However, temporary email do not need this. Your regular email address and your personal information will always be at risk, Whereas using temp mail free keeps you out from such a huge risk. In short, Tempmailme helps you keep your personal information safe, secure and your mail inbox safe from spam and unwanted marketing emails

What are the temporary email addresses or Temp-mail?

Disposable Temporary email address, also called as temp address email, disposable email addressemail temp, or fake mail. Protect your personal mail address from unknown, blog, etc. Because, if you give your personal email to them, you surely gets unexpected spams and newsletters. That is why you should register using TempMailMe mail address. When you are curious about what will you get after registration like Free PDF, video, course, or anything which is of your interest, then this is the most common situation to use temp mail address. A temp mail address is for personal service and not as your main email address reason? It is only available only for a temporary time and the emails received are auto deleted after email expiry.

How Secure am I with temp mail?

We give our 100% to protect your private information and don’t collect any personal details. However, Please don’t use this service for false activities. TempMailMe is for private and legal use.

Where to use temp mail?

  1. For each site or services, which is not important to you
  2. For temporary registration on forums, mail listings
  3. To receive subscription protected content
  4. Temp mail for Fb – Registration on social media website and app or to create many accounts
  5. On any non-trustworthy place on the internet
  6. Temporary email address for Facebook – Registration on social media website and app or to create many accounts
  7. To receive Pdf or video or any course or to view the service provided by third party website
  8. Temp email for Instagram – Registration on social media website and app or to create many accounts
  9. Temp mail for Facebook – Registration on social media website and app or to create many accounts
  10. Throw away email for Facebook – Registration on social media website and app or to create many accounts
  11. Tempmail for Twitter – Registration on social media website and app or to create many accounts
  12. Temporary mail for Facebook – Registration on social media website and app or to create many accounts

How to use TempMailMe or disposable email?

  1. Select from randomly generated email or besides to this you can create your own / personal name temp mail address
  2. Copy and use your own temp email address. Once created
  3. You can select an email expiry time from 10 ‘minute mail to 2 week mail time limit
  4. Now you can start using the temp mail address generated instead of your personal email on every unknown website or service same as we use our personal mail id
  5. You can use same inbox generated from anywhere and on any device, use it to avoid marketing, spam, etc mails, or to register on websites. This is a great way to keep your main email safe.
  6.  Whereas You need a modern browser like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.
  7.  Although You can use from any Android or Apple Device (IOS) like Iphone, Samsung, Redmi, Mi, Realme, Honor, Lenovo, HTC, Nokia, OnePlus, Blackberry, Etc

How long will your mail last in your temp mail inbox

As mentioned above, you can select a temp address between 10 ‘minute mail, 60 Min, 1 Day, 3 Days, 1 Week and 2 Weeks.

Your temp mail address remains until you change it by clicking the change button or either you delete it. All emails received are private to yourself.

Is it Free or Paid service?

Yes! It is free and not a paid service and will be free for lifetime. If you want to help us, please share it in your circle and help us grow and kindly share your Feedback